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Driving high performance in the workplace through education and coaching for you and your team.

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Introducing the Academy

A growing business needs a team that grows with it

The Academy is an environment where employees at all levels of business can be coached to become high performers.

A growing business needs the whole team to grow with it, which is why the Academy focuses on coaching the business owner, leaders, and the wider team simultaneously. Coaching you and your team at the same time accelerates the growth and profitability of your business, so you achieve your business and personal goals quicker.

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The Core Principles

How the Academy helps businesses to grow

The Academy is built on 5 core principles, designed to ensure maximum behavioural change


Equipping you and your team with the knowledge and tools needed to support sustained business growth

Live Coaching

Coaching questions create greater awareness enabling individuals to optimise their own performance


Tools to help you and your team implement the learnings, along with peer-to-peer support via forums


We'll hold you and your team to account so learning turns into action and progress


Scoring matrix completed at the start and set intervals measure performance improvement

High Performance Programmes

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    High Performance in Business

    Helping take your business to the next level through strategy, creating a clear vision, and developing you as a leader

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    Level: Business owners

    Ongoing membership

    Format: 121 coaching

    HPA Leadership

    CPD Accredited

    High Performance in Leadership

    Giving you the skills to get more from your team and to generate better business results

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    Level: Managers/Team leaders

    12-month membership

    Format: 121 coaching, weekly coaching videos

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    CPD Accredited

    High Performance

    Develop the mastery of yourself and learn how to become a high performer to maximise your potential

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    Level: All employees

    12-month membership

    Individual and team membership available

    High Performance in sales

    High Performance in Sales

    Putting in place a world-class sales process that increases your conversion rate and helps you build stronger, long-term relationships with customers

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    Level: Sales teams/Individuals

    12-month membership

    Format: weekly coaching videos

    HPA Introduction

    Introduction to the workplace

    Helping to seamlessly integrate those entering the workplace for the first time, enabling them to get off to the best possible start

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    Level: All employees

    12-month membership

    Format: weekly coaching videos

Training is occasional and theoretical. Coaching delivers change by being ongoing, practical and relevant.


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  • Barenbrug UK Impact Story

    Barenbrug UK share how coaching has helped develop the next generation of leaders in their business.

  • "Since working with Phil Budd, our turnover has doubled, we've increased our staff numbers and are still growing and recruiting to ensure continued and sustained growth. "

    Keir Spiller


  • Quickfire Impact Story

    Nathan Lomax describes what it's like working with a coach.

  • "Phil Budd lights the touchpaper, stands back and lets you go."

    Thomas Hoblyn

  • Clip n Climb Impact Story

    Clip n Climb Norwich explain how coaching enabled them to build a team and grow the business.

  • "I am successful in the true meaning of the word. I have balance, peace of mind and a plan! "

    Jo Curry


  • Flint Vineyard

    Flint Vineyard share their story of running a successful business and how coaching helped them to create a business that worked for them.

  • "The position I’m now in with my business, with Phil Budd in the background, I’m winning."

    Kris Rundell

  • "The business is now in the hands of two people who are more aware of where their ignorance and weaknesses lie."

  • "Phil Budd holds you accountable and not many people do that. The first few sessions with Phil was when I decided that these are my values as a leader. He opened up my mind to what leadership actually is."


  • "Phil Budd has helped us nail the culture with our staff."

    Josh Davey

  • "The style of coaching has helped us as leaders in our business. He’s sort of coached us on how to coach within our own business."

    Mark Patterson

  • Tom

    Wiro Agency

"High Performance is consistently being the best you can be."


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