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High performance is consistently being the best you and your team can be

  • CONSISTENCY comes from self-discipline, focus and good habits.
  • BEING is about here and now, the actions and behaviours you take each day.
  • THE BEST YOU CAN BE is all about the best version of you. It’s not about measuring your ability, skills or performance to others, it’s about your personal best, measuring yourself against your own standards and expectations
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Why High Performance?

How is the Academy relevant to growing businesses?

In high-performing work cultures employees perform at their best because they are engaged, feel valued, have purpose, and continually learn.

According to Deloitte, organisations with a strong learning culture are 92% more likely to develop innovative products and processes, 52% more productive and 17% more profitable than their peers. Furthermore, FSB research highlighted the skills gaps growing businesses need to fulfil to keep growing; skills that the Academy helps to develop in your team.

We’ll coach you to bring clarity to the business vision and strategy, and help your team develop the skills and behaviours you need them to have to support business growth.

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Peak Performance

It’s not about working harder

Hustle and grind have become new buzzwords, suggesting that working hard is what drives performance & success.

In 2020/21 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 50% of all work-related ill health cases. To be a high performer you need to appreciate and recognise what your optimum performance level is, the point at which you are highly motivated and highly productive. Just as an athlete trains and looks after their body, to be successful in business we have to do the same – learning what works for us. Good habits, discipline, time out and reflection is what allows us to perform at the highest level.

Performance curve

Working harder and longer hours pushes us over the edge into fatigue. The issue is that it gets results. However it papers over the cracks.



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Traditional training

Traditional training rarely fulfils the needs of businesses

It’s important to acknowledge that the majority of business owners see the value and need in developing the skills in their team. The challenge is that traditional training doesn’t seem to fulfill the needs of businesses.

In the research we’ve carried out with businesses, we’ve identified that businesses want training to be relevant and practical, ongoing not occasional, to be shorter and focused so that it doesn’t interrupt business as usual, and perhaps most importantly of all, turns into action.

This is backed up by research from Herman & Ebbinghaus which shows that the structure to traditional training doesn’t turn into measurable benefits for business owners. Using this research, and from discussions with business owners, the Academy is based on bite-size learning that is retained and turns into action which does bring about meaningful results.

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Real Results

Measuring the impact of the Academy

Measuring the impact and results of your membership is a core principle of the Academy.

Before your teams begin the programme, we will ask you to measure their performance in key areas across the business. This will be repeated over the year and at 12 months, to assess progress.

In addition, each team member that joins will score themselves at the start of the module. They will build their own personal development plan off the back of these scores. This will be repeated over the course of the year and at 12 months, to measure progress.

Key Elements that drive high performance

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"High Performance is consistently being the best you can be."


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